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Cathedral Of Praise Inc. is committed to our members, guests and donor’s privacy and security, and are disclosing our information practices here for your information and peace of mind. Please note that the following terms and conditions will apply to your use of our website and its online donation system.

Cathedral Of Praise Inc. accepts online donations through credit card payments and direct bank transfers from interested individuals, organizations and associations, as well as our existing partners, for our various Philippine ministries and projects.

PRIVACY POLICY. We value the security of your personal information. We ask for your personal information and email addresses on our online donation pages only so we can confirm receiving your donation for tax purposes. This also helps prevent fraudulent donations.

SECURITY POLICY. Our online donation system uses an advanced encryption technology provided by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a recognized authentication and encryption software. This means our site makes all of your personal information and card details unreadable to anyone outside of the transaction process. Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI), our online donation service provider, stores your card details only for the purpose of processing your donation. We will never make information on individual donations available to any other party without your consent.

Donations to Cathedral Of Praise Inc. may be made via our website. Simply enter your pertinent details then click the link at the bottom to proceed to BPI’s secure donation gateway.

If your transaction is declined, please use another credit card. For security reasons, credit cards issued by some countries may not be processed by BPI.

CONFIRMATION. After the donation process is completed, a confirmation of the transaction will be emailed to your email address, as registered in our online donation system, to serve as proof of delivery.

TRANSACTION CURRENCY. All amounts on our website are set by default to Philippine (PHP) currency. Converted rates that appear on our website are for information purposes only. Because international currency exchange rates can change without our knowing, any converted amounts are only estimates in your selected currency; they are not necessarily the exact amounts that will appear on your credit card statement.

REFUND AND CANCELLATION. We cannot refund any completed donation, except under the following circumstances: Donors can prove their credit cards were used without their knowledge or approval, based on the guidelines of their credit card company. If your credit card is lost or stolen, please notify your credit card company. Our website and/or online donation system is not capable of facilitating refunds.

If your donation needs to be refunded, please notify our Accounting Department within five (5) working days from the time you receive an email confirming your donation. You may contact Ms. Janice Artillero by email (jrartillero@cathedralofpraise.com.ph) or by telephone (632-310-0565) during weekday business hours (from 9am to 5pm).

Once approved, we will gladly process your refund request with the credit card company or bank within fifteen (15) working days.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. The content in this document may change at any time without prior notice. We apologize for but will not be held responsible for any typographic errors.

INDEMNITY. Your use of our website and its online donation system includes your agreement to not hold persons behind CathedralOfPraiseManila.com.ph any claims, costs or damages that arise as a result of incorrect use of the site, or any breach of the terms and conditions listed in this document.

GOVERNING LAW. We are registered and located in Manila City, Philippines. Its laws govern how we address any issues related to the use of our website’s online donation system and the interpretation of the terms and conditions in this document.

OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Cathedral Of Praise Inc. is not responsible for typographic errors. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the Online Donation System at any time without prior notice.

Contact Information
350 Taft Ave. Ermita Manila 1004 Philippines
Office: +63 (2) 521-0756
Fax: +63 (2) 817 6130
Email: jrartillero@cathedralofpraise.com.ph
Twitter: twitter.com/COPmanila
Facebook: facebook.com/cop.manila
Youtube: youtube.com/user/cathedralofpraisetv


For Prayer Requests

The Cathedral of Praise Manila is committed to protecting your privacy. By pressing “SEND”, you freely and voluntarily give your consent to the collection of your personal and sensitive information as stated herein with full understanding that the same shall be used solely for COP Manila’s Pastoral Care Ministry.

For Online Giving

The official website of the Cathedral of Praise Manila uses third party companies such as BPI Secure Pay, BPI Express Online & PayPal for all its online financial transactions. All financial transactions are not conducted on our websites but are transferred to the digital property of the aforementioned companies. By pressing “SUBMIT”, you freely and voluntarily give your consent to the collection of your personal and sensitive information as stated herein with full understanding that the same shall be used only for proper accounting of your online giving/donation and COP Manila’s Pastoral Care Ministry.