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  • Bachelor’s degree in Film, Digital Media, Marketing, Journalism, Creative Writing or any related field
  • Able to conceptualize and creatively write video segments, supervise taping sessions, conduct on-cam interviews, provide directions for pre to post-prod
  • Excellent English grammar & good verbal skills
  • Able to take charge of various administrative aspects and create and delegate work schedules
  • Writing & editing individual pieces, including using the technical skills of writing for print and online publishing
  • Perform online and on-the-ground primary research for blog posts, articles, guides, and other content
  • Create content campaigns that align with company objectives and goals

Video Specialist

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Video Production or in any related field
  • Has experience as a video editor and in videography
  • Experience with digital technology and editing software packages.   (e.g. Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Adobe Photoshop)
  • Creative mind and storytelling skills
  • Able to work on assembling raw materials into a finished product
  • Good in organizing project files and color grading
  • Has basic knowledge in motion graphics, music and audio balancing

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