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What to Expect at Power Up Your Success?

The Power Up Your Success Business and Professionals Conference will soon be upon us and we are just so excited to learn! We are believing for and eagerly expecting our harvest this year, and we sure could use more knowledge to complement our hard work. Together, these would move us up further on the ladder of success and help us achieve our goals for 2018.

The conference, slated July 19-21, will present powerhouse speakers, all notable and outstanding in their respective fields of work. They are:

Ms. Carolina P. Austria, CPA, PhD speaking about the current Economic Conditions in the Philippines

1. Ms. Carolina P. Austria, CPA, Ph.D., Senior Economist at the Monetary Policy Research Group of the Department of Economic Research, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. A Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines and a Registered CPA in the United States, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy from De La Salle University, a Master’s degree in international development from Harvard University (MPA/ID), and a Ph.D. in Economics from Fordham University (Fordham Presidential scholar).

Ms. Austria’s areas of specialization are Monetary Economics and International Economics. Her research includes forecasting FX volatility; estimating the extent of market herding in equities market; determining neutral real interest rates for PH; evaluating the effectiveness of monetary policy transmission, and conducting economic growth diagnostics.

She previously worked as a Finance Professional for Shell Group and as a Consultant at the World Bank Group in Washington D.C.

For the Power Up Your Success conference, Ms. Austria is set to give an overview of the economic conditions in the Philippines in light of global and Asian economic developments. By providing a look-back on past economic performance, a look-ahead on macroeconomic forecasts, and a discussion on the Philippine government’s projects, the session aims to equip business leaders with intelligent insights on the macro-economy.

Mr. Blass Jison talking about Tactical Selling














2. Mr. Alfred Blass Jison,  currently head of the  Sales Learning & Development department of Filinvest Land, Inc., one of the biggest real estate developers in the Philippines. He also manages the Filinvest Training Academy – a training institution that caters to almost 3,000 in-house sellers and agents of the company.

Mr. Jison has 14 years of professional background and expertise in the fields of sales training, advertising, marketing and events management. He gained a double degree, first as a graduate of AB Mass Communication with specialization in Public Relations at San Sebastian College – Recoletos as a consistent Dean’s Lister, and second as Major in Broadcasting at Open University System of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

He is also involved in several organizations including the Philippine Society for Training & Development. He is a certified Sales Trainer, member of John Maxwell Trainers association and currently a member of the Executive Council of Servants of COP.

On Day 3 of the conference, Mr. Jison will speak about Tactical Selling, during which conference participants will be able to get an overview of the important pointers needed in maximizing skills to adapt to the modern sales environment. These include:

  • Providing a clear pattern in establishing a good sale
  • Knowing the difference between traditional and non-traditional marketing
  • Tailor-fitting selling strategies to match the need of the customer
  • Maximizing full potential by knowing the advantages of digital marketing and how will it work for the business

3. Ms. Claire P. Draper, is Global Sales Enablement Manager and Coach, DXC Technology. Claire supports her company’s sales leaders and frontline sellers throughout the Asia Pacific. Her latest project is the design of DXC’s Sales Leadership Development Program for global implementation.

She is based in Singapore, and makes it her goal to visit Manila every month, especially for her Dad, and her dog.

During her Day 2 Session that will focus on Thriving in an Ever-Changing Workplace, participants will learn about the realities of the 21st-century workplace and what these demand of them.

At the end of the session, they will be able to:

  • Identify important mindsets
  • Identify a list of skills they should develop and reinforce to be more successful
  • Create a plan of action

On Day 3, Ms. Draper will give a five-minute TED Talk on “Gaining Support For Your Ideas” that will teach participants about quick ways to increase receptiveness and support for their ideas.

On Day 4, her five-minute TED Talk will be on “Planning To Achieve Your Desired Outcomes” and will teach participants about increasing personal effectiveness by applying key concepts from “Getting Things Done.”


Mr. Erick Kalugdan speaking on Business Trends in the Digital Age

4. Mr. Erick Kalugdan, is the top honcho of GiveMe Unlimited, Inc. A Computer Engineering graduate of De La Salle University, he is always in the forefront of Information and Communications Technology.

He has made waves in the mobile software industry with his successful business ventures and is one of the most innovative technopreneurs in the Philippines.

His showcase product, the InfoTxt Messaging Platform, has won Best Mobile Application for Business in the Department of Trade and Industry or DTI’s e-Services Awards for three consecutive years and is used by more than 500 companies and organizations to date.

Mr. Kalugdan has been featured in magazines, radio shows, and TV. He was also awarded one of the 10 finalists in the Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards organized by the Jaycees.

During his conference session, he will talk on “Digital Disruptions” that will teach participants how digital technologies have evolved and affected the consumer and business landscapes, and how to thrive and succeed in this disruptive economy.

Miss Flor Buna talking about Optimizing A Multi-Generational Workforce

  1.  Ms. Flor Buna, Regional Recruitment Supervisor at Chevron Holdings, Inc. Fifteen (15) years of experience in various facets of human resources have solidified her ground in this field. She has led global migration of the HR Information Management and the Staffing Coordination Operations from offshore to Manila.

But before her foray into human resources management, Ms. Buna was an IT Consultant who was involved in the development and execution of various IT training programs for multinational organizations.

Outside of her professional life, she is an active volunteer in the Children’s Church and the radio host/writer of the Master’s Executives program.

Ms. Buna will speak on “The Multigen Jungle: Optimizing a multi-generational Workforce“, where participants can learn how to strategize sourcing efforts to attract the best talents and how to improve the company’s retention program to keep high performing individuals.

She believes that embracing the age composition of the workforce is key to building highly motivated and engaged individuals that can contribute to any organization’s success.

Ms. Buna will also share about “Culture: Diversity and Inclusivity and Other Work Culture Matters“. She says a highly engaged workforce results in higher productivity and profitability. Under this topic, participants will learn what key facets of diversity and inclusion can help build a highly engaged workforce.

Other track topics also include:

  • Grab That Air! Turning Idle Assets into Profit
  • Constructing The Future: Business Opportunities in Construction
  • For Sale! Selling In Your Everyday Life
  • Top of Mind Loyalty: Creating Affinity and Loyalty for Your Brand
  • Biblical Economics
  • Business Opportunities in Construction
  • Forum on Investment Options:
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Real Estate
    • Stocks, Bonds and Other Bank Products
    • MLM/Networking
  • Negotiations: From Harvard Theory to Banking Experience to Biblical Insights
  • Calendar and Commit: Planning for Successful Outcomes
  • Agile Project Management: Lead Successful, Efficient and Effective Projects
  • Forum on Entrepreneurship:
    • Getting Funding
    • Developing and Marketing SMEs
    • Legal Matters
    • Fraud Risk Management
  • Forum (Daniel/Employees):
    • Character: Promotable Habits
    • Competence: Highly Valued Skills
    • Culture: Diversity and Inclusivity & Other Work Culture Matters
    • Biblical Business Leadership

So, aren’t we all excited to meet our accomplished speakers and gain business and workplace wisdom from them? Just to remind everyone, the Power Up Your Success Business and Professionals Conference will be held on July 17-19, from 7 to 9 p.m. and on July 21, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Main Campus, with Live feed at the South and East Campuses.


Register online today at and learn more at COP – Kasaganaan Business Fellowship.