COP Manila

A Story of God’s Goodness in Aroma

Sister Del, one of the moms who got born again when we started feeding in Aroma, the Lord has brought her a long way as she regularly attended services in the Aroma chapel. Del also learned about tithing faithfully. Since Del has time on her husband started believing the Lord for more. Her husband used to be a pedicab driver, and now they ave been able to purchase a tricycle of their own! Del has been noticing those green mono block chairs we use for Aroma are really dirty – and no matter how hard she scrubbed them they just never looked any better.

Since she knowns how to sow, she came up with an idea on her own – why didn’t she make seat covers for all the chairs. She worked hard at this because she had a goal to have them all in place for the Easter Sunday service. Sure enough, this Easter Sunday, our Aroma chapel has been transformed – what a difference one person can make. And what a difference learning to serve God has made in Del’s life. Praise God for all the difference that He is making in Aroma, Happy Land, and Payatas through the daily feeding!

Feeding Schedule:
• 4:30 AM – Mondays to Sundays for the kitchen volunteers
• 6:00 AM – Mondays to Sundays for the distribution volunteers