David E. Sumrall

A man who just wants to know and make known a wonderful God.

Executive Council of Servants (Board of Deacons)

Campus Pastors

Main Campus

Pastoral Head:
Ptra. Alisha Sumrall-Lozano

Campus Pastor:
Ptr. Rose Delos Reyes

South Campus

Campus Pastor:
Ptr. Oyin Galvan

East Campus

Campus Pastor:
Ptr. Bong Soriano

North Campus

Campus Pastor:
Ptr. Bheng Peralta

Bulacan Campus

Campus Pastor:
Ptr. Alder De Dios

Pampanga Campus

Campus Pastor:
Ptr. Karen Rosales

Pastoral Departments

Christian Arts Department

Department Head:
Sis. Beverley Sumrall

Comprises every aspect of leading worship in its various forms; song, dance, music and drama. It requires the highest standard of ministry among its staff and volunteers, not only on the pulpit as worship leaders but in their daily personal lives as Christians.

Mighty Men in Uniform

Department Head:
Ptr. Mar Capaycapay

MMU is winning every soldier and policeman in every camp for Christ until He comes. The department conducts regular outreaches, chapel services and connect groups to these men and women in uniform. The Freedom Ministry, on the other hand, focuses on different prisons in the Philippines – sharing repentance, hope and true freedom in Christ.

Youth, Teens & Preteens

Team Leader:
Ptr. David Chan

Focuses on equipping and raising up the next generation with The Word of God, so they can be Salt and Light in their respective families, schools and communities. With every Connect Group, fellowship, ministry and worship service, this department aims to teach young people to “Be Like Christ” in every way.

  Salt N’ Light Youth Service
  Achievers in Mission

Young Builder’s Department

Team Leader:
Ptra. Judel Abante

Caring for kids, 0-12 yr old. The department teaches them God’s word, trains them in His ways and leads them to the right path, during their formative years, so they grow up knowing and serving Him. Each service and activity equips COP’s young ones to Shine for Jesus!

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Support Staff Departments

Office of the Pastor

Assisting Pastor David Sumrall in fulfilling his administrative function in the church, the duties of the staff of the Office of the Pastor are classified into three key assignments, namely: Administrative Front Office; Meetings, Appointments and Events Calendars; and Sermon Notation and Archiving.

Finance Department

Composed of the Accounting, Treasury, Budget and Internal Audit & Compliance teams, the Finance Department provides financial direction, church budget, financial reports and church funds management, control and safeguards as well as conducts periodic and spot audits.

Construction and Logistics Department

Radio and Communications Department

Department Head:
Pucci Turrecha

Communications Department: Initiates & spearheads creative communications and promotions for Church-wide and ministry events through every possible medium – TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Direct, Digital & Social. It envisions itself to be the benchmark of creativity; a team other entities – be it religious or secular, can look up to in terms of creative communication.

Radio: In charge of creative & technical production, and programming for DZBR 531-AM, terrestrial and internet radio platforms. The team helps a pool of radio talents create materials that are broadcast quality and Gospel-worthy.

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Media Department

Department Head:
Joel Fernandez

Responsible for the technical production of the Church’s multimedia communication platforms. The team constantly finds solutions to make sure services and events are broadcasted in and out of the church

IT and Information Services Department

Staff and Members’ Services

Department Head:
Aleth G. Carls

CAD Support Staff