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Leader’s Commitment to Data Privacy

Leaders’ Commitment to Data Privacy

Leaders’ Commitment to Data Privacy

As a member and ministry leader of the Cathedral of Praise, I commit myself to support my local church as it continues to take the following measures – meant to protect its members’/attendees’ personal & sensitive information:

1. I commit to being a good steward of personal and sensitive information given to me – keeping it with full confidentiality & refraining from disclosing any detail to anyone, entity or to the public without consent from the *data-subject.

> Personal Information include but are not limited to: (e.g. Name, Address, Phone Number & Email Address)

> Sensitive Information include but are not limited to: (e.g. Gender, Health Condition & Prayer Requests)

2. I commit to collecting, gathering & using these (personal and sensitive) information only with the consent of the subject and only for the specific purpose/task assigned to me.

> How we usually collect information: (Decision/4REAL Cards, New Life Text Number, Giving Envelopes, Personal Information Forms, Visitation Notebook & Attendance Forms.)

> How we usually use information: (Membership Care (e.g. Visitation, New Life Follow up, Invitation to Events, Emergency & Relief Operations)

3. I commit to taking full responsibility for my actions in case I consciously or unconsciously misuse these personal and/or sensitive information.

> Common mistakes:

(e.g. Exchanging or giving away members’ contact information verbally, via SMS and/or Email without the data-subject’s consent.)

(Sharing a member’s prayer request to other leaders and/or members without the data-subject’s consent.)

(Printing or writing down a member’s information and losing the copy.)

* Data-Subject – means an individual who is the subject of personal data.

Leaders’ Commitment to Data Privacy