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Potential Leaders Matthew 4 Daily Devotions COP

Potential Leader – Matthew 4:18-22

Potential Leader – Matthew 4:18-22 – COP Daily Devotions

Potential Leader – Matthew 4:18-22 – Read the bible reference for today’s Daily Devotion below. Join Pastor David E. Sumrall uncover fundamental truths and the power of the scripture every day here on Daily Devotions. The Cathedral of Praise (COP), a church committed to Jesus Christ and His Word, gathers for worship service every Friday at 7:00 PM, Saturday at 6:00 PM, and Sunday at 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM, and 3:00 PM, headed by Undershepherds Pastor David E. Sumrall and Pastor Beverley Sumrall.

  1. Matthew 4:17 Or the kingdom of heaven has come near
  2. Matthew 4:19 The Greek word anthropoi refers here to both men and women
  3. Matthew 5:9 Greek huioi; see Preface
  4. Matthew 5:16 Or house. 16Let your light so shine before others that


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