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Holy Week is here once again — the time of the year when we Christians take a break off our daily grind to remember the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ to save us from our sins.

Panoramic View of the COP School of the Cross 2018

For more than a decade, Cathedral of Praise has been holding “School of the Cross” on Good Friday, when Pastor David Sumrall teaches in detail what exactly happened thousands of years ago in Israel and in the heavenly realm during the first Holy Week. Now, COP is once again inviting everyone to learn about the occurrences leading to the hour when Jesus gave up His life, starting from His and the apostles’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem, the last supper, the arrest of Jesus, until His death and eventual resurrection. Be blessed as you learn what Jesus did for all humanity motivated by His deep and everlasting love for all of us.

Pastor David Sumrall teaching the principles of leadership in the School of the Cross

Aside from listening to Pastor’s teaching, we can also look forward to seeing invaluable artifacts straight from Israel. Every year during the Israel tour, Pastor Sumrall acquires and brings home a few things that were used during Bible times that were dug up by archeologists.

COP members taking pictures of the relics and artifacts in the mini exhibit of the School of the Cross  Children peering through the synagogue

These artifacts are set up for display on the platform of the main auditorium, transforming it into a mini-museum. For this year, Pastor Sumrall has excitedly shared that he brought home an artifact that has the seal from King Hezekiah’s time, and yes, it’s for everyone to see, appreciate and even take pictures of during School of the Cross.

  People writing notes in the School of the Cross

School of the Cross is from 9 am to 3 pm on Good Friday, March 30, 2018. Admission is totally free, so bring as many family members, relatives, and friends as you can.

See you then and let’s all have a blessed Holy Week!


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