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4REAL Fast Facts

#4REALTheNeverclaim Fast Facts

Just a few days before we rock & worship with The Neverclaim this January 26–28!

We sure are excited to meet Jeremiah, Mitchell, Chuck & Beji, but you don’t have to wait until the concerts to know these 4 interesting things you probably didn’t know about them.


1.  They’re a “national” band

Hailing from different states such as Ohio, Illinois and Texas.


 2. Favorite Verses

Just like us, they sure have their personal Bible verses that they live by every day.


3. They love the local church!

All of them have been part of their church’s staff and volunteers. Talk about dedication to God!


 4. The Neverclaim means…

That despite their success, they will never claim the glory for themselves.



Excited to know more about this band? Watch the full video below!




Bring your friends, loved ones and everyone who needs Jesus to this FREE concert! See you this weekend!